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alarm system installation and repair
Total Connect, alarm, camera

In the ever changing world of electronics and computers, the alarm industry is no exception. The technology is changing to provide more convenience for homeowners and business owners to check in on their homes and employees from anywhere.

Protect your family and business with an alarm system.


We install and repair hard wired and wireless alarm systems.


We use high end quality components and equipment, not the low end equipment some competitors use.


Connect to a Central Station monitoring office thru a phone line or cellular radio.

Also, personal notification thru Email and Text messaging.


Total Connect Service;

Allows you to receive notifications by Text message and/or Email. For example;


Know when your child comes home from school (a feature many people are enjoying). Know when your housekeeper arrives and leaves. If your liquor cabinet is opened, also if your elderly parent opens the medicine cabinet.


With Total Connect Service you can know when your business is open or closed or know what time your manager opens the store, know if a manager/boss closes early. Know if your warehouse/storage room is occupied during restricted hours. Also receive notifications if the safe has been opened.


Install an alarm system to provide a secure environment for your home, employees, assets and merchandise.


We can provide you with mulitple options for your alarm system and notification needs. Ask us how.

Alarm, camera, home automation

Home Automation


With Total Connect Service you can use your smart phone, laptop, tablet or computer to control your Zwave home automation devices, including Thermostats, Door locks, Light switches, Electrical outlets, Plumbing fixtures, etc....


Receive EMAIL and or TEXT messages from your Zwave devices. Monitor the activity in your home or business (Example, know when your door is unlocked, if out of town and the stereo is turned on for party)


Create Scenes and Environments

For example, when you come home and unlock your door the system will automatically disarm your alarm system and at night time turn on lights.

Commercial and Residential
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