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Central Station Forms

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If your alarm triggers and goes off, the Central Station calls you to determine if it is a false alarm. Unlike some other companies, we do not charge you a fee if the Central Station calls you and it is a false alarm. If the police show up on site at your premises, and it is a false alarm – no burglary occurred, the police will charge you a fine after a predetermined (check county ordinance for your city) amount of false alarms. Some companies charge you for the Central Station calling you if it is a false alarm.

Phone Lines

Any customers with central station monitoring using phone lines or cellular radios to communicate with the monitoring station should;


Test the alarm system regularly

For locations using AT&T Uverse and Comcast phone line service (VOIP systems);

Prevent False Alarms

* Know how to use your alarm system

* Know your Central Station password

* Make sure your doors and windows are properly closed and locked

* Remove balloons and house plants from motion detector areas. When the air conditioner turns on, the draft moves the plants and balloons

* Place pets in areas where there are no motion detectors and where they will not enter a room with a motion detector

* Test your system regularly

Cellular Radio

2G Cellular Network


Do you have a 2G cellular radio for your alarm system?


The 2G network is being discontinued nationwide. After December 31, 2016 no 2G device will be able to transmit or receive data over the air from cellular towers. Because of the increase of data being transmitted (smart phones for example) the FCC has given the 2G frequency ranges to the 4G network to increase its size and range allowing more data to flow to all the new 4G devices being used.


Some companies were still installing the older 2G radios as recently as 2013.


The cellular network providers have already started updating their software and equipment for a couple of years now. This has already caused some 2G radios to stop working.


The solution to this problem is to upgrade your older cellular radio to a new 4G cellular radio. Without upgrading the radio the alarm signal will not be able to be sent to the Central Station monitoring office.

Police alarm registration

You must register your alarm system with the police department. Failure to do so will result in a fine from the police dept. when the police show up on site at your home or business.

If you have misplaced your form, give us a call for a copy of your cities police registration form.

Commercial and Residential
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